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What better way to introduce your little one to Flex Dance than the exciting and engaging new class, Flex Tots?! We are thrilled to be able to offer a 45 minute class for all children who are confident walkers to the age of 4.

Each class is delivered following a similar structure, which enables the children to anticipate what is coming next and helps to familiarise them with routines (some of these aspects will be rotated from week to week):

  • Welcome song

  • Energetic warm-up

  • Travelling section

  • Dance routine/s

  • Games to develop listening skills

  • Bubble time

  • Parachute games

  • Cool down and/or nursery rhyme time

We use high-quality props, such as bells, shakers, pom poms, balance beams, hoops, ribbons and more, to captivate the children’s imagination and create a fun, interesting experience for both children and parents. We also understand and value the importance of both fine and gross motor development, which is why we include initiatives like Dough Disco and Squiggle While You Wiggle to get their tiny hands and fingers moving.

The sessions are delivered by friendly, skilled practitioners, who have a wealth of experience working with Early Years children.

Please get in touch to book your FREE trial session or if you have any other questions... we are looking forward to meeting you! 

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